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A life without Riesling is possible, but pointless?

Oppenheim 20120906

The ancient town of Oppenheim in the Rhine valley with its Sackträger and Kreuz limestone vineyard slopes, enjoying the August sunshine 2012.

2012 Harvest in Germany

> full report as download <   (3rd Dec. 2012


...what started as disappointing Spring & Summer weather has completely surprised us with a glorious hot & dry August, thanks to the high pressure Achim, and also a great September, followed by fine weather in October. Ideal conditions to fully ripen the grapes, and no widespread severe hail damage this year.

All we now need is dry weather until end of October for a fine harvest.....  harvesting of early varietals started mid September, and prospects are looking good for a fine period of weather into October.

Achim Eberle measured 95 Oechsle for the Fitz-Ritter Gewürztraminer in the Abtsfronhof vineyard and reported great aromas in the berries, harvesting fine Spätlese on 3rd October.  

Too much to have asked for?  We hope for the best, but fully realize that mother nature might have different plans in store for us, but can now report that mother nature was kind to the vintners!

Our belated Summer continued until late October, and harvesting of Riesling has now almost been completed. Unusually cold weather with temperatures down to -4 C (25F) last weekend brutally stopped any further photosynthesis, but did not harm the grapes, but also not cold enough for Eiswein. Riesling had already reached an excellent physiological ripeness, and some fine noble mould (Botrytis) is spreading along the Mosel and its tributaries Saar & Ruwer. 

Unfortunately, some vineyards have experienced large losses due to wild boar and deer. Paul Anheuser remarked that the “crop” of acorns and fruit in the forests was near to nothing which has forced hungry stomachs to visit vineyards, i.e. you need acorns to make wine!   


a barge meets the Goethe paddle steamer where the Nahe meets the Rhine, and 3 vineyard regions: Rheingau-Rheinhessen-Nahe. September 2012.


turbines and vines combine in Rheinhessen for sustainable production.

Power to the vines!


The bend of the Mosel at Trittenheim, 29th October, after the cold weather had turned the leaves brown overnight


September 2012 in the Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg looking at the ruin of the majestic Ehrenfels castle. A great location to collect river tax from passing barges in the Middle Ages!

Trittenheim-Panorama 201210s1