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Harvest 2014

Follow our on-going reports and photos via Facebook, harvest started early September.

  No Winter in January 2014, and February was 4 degrees warmer than usual, followed by a Summer start to Spring 8th March, with temperatures up to an amazing 20C (65F). We are heading for an early bud-break, and hopefully no belated Winter!

Weather 2013

Follow on Facebook for updates about the progress of the 2013 harvest which started late September and continued until 1st November.

Final details for the >2013 harvest<

A non-existent Winter 2014 in Germany has led to a disappointing failure for the 2013 Eiswein crop.

A later harvest than last year, but hopes are rising for a good vintage. The September weather brought some much-needed rain, and fine dry & sunny weather has prevailed since 20th September. Riesling ought to  reach physiological ripeness by mid October. Picking of early-ripening varietals started 24th September. We are hoping for an average sized total crop, and optimistic about the quality with 120 days of time between flowering and harvest, as long as the weather conditions remain favourable in October. 

The May weather will be remembered for terrible flooding in Germany, much too wet, too cool,  followed by a miserable June which resulted in a later than normal flowering, but July has brought smiles throughout the entire month. Glorious hot Summer weather, and thanks to the high moisture content of the soil, the vines have flourished, and growth is now back on shedule for a normal harvest time.

Our long winter ended 14th April with Summer temperatures. No damage to the vines, and we have enough time for nature to make amends. 

Such a long, cold and snowy Winter has not been experienced in Germany for many decades, but all thanks to Global warming! Yes, apparently due to the melting of the ice cap, a low depression stuck over Sweden, sending arctic air to Europe.

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Derek Vinnicombe

Nackenheim (Germany)

20th September 2014

The red slope Roter Hang between Nackenheim and Nierstein, September 2013.

Where will the quality path lead to in 2014?


vines bleeding with rising sap in the Ockfener Bockstein. A heart for fine wine?


2012 Harvest in Germany

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